Himalayan Kingdoms

People say it’s a life-changing experience. And there’s no doubt that when you make the incredible journey to Nepal and Bhutan, you’ll return with a new outlook on life and endless extraordinary memories. Fascinating and intriguing, this is a world that’s far removed from our western way of living.  Nepal is rich in some of the world’s most astonishing natural beauty. You’ll take a once-in-alifetime flight to the Himalayas, seeing the staggering white peaks of Mount Everest; visit the captivating medieval city of Kathmandu; seek out rhinos and bears on a jeep safari through the jungle, and share the peace and tranquillity of Buddhist monks at prayer.  Can you picture yourself on the summit of Mount Everest? Probably not! Few people will ever get as close as you will when you take a flight on our private plane, soaring high above the clouds to the vast scale of the immense Himalayas. It’s incredible to think here you are at the highest point on the planet, something you probably have never contemplated you could ever experience. You can take photographs of this amazing panoramic view from the cockpit.  Chitwan National Park is the finest in Nepal and brings you close to one of the world’s finest natural wonders. Hills, raging rivers, flood plains, tropical forests, grassland and lush vegetation, the park is home to migratory birds, rhinos, leopards, elephants, bears and of course the elusive and endangered Bengal tiger.  On the next part of our journey, we fly over the Himalayas to the fascinating Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. There is so much that makes Bhutan unique. With its traditional architecture, focus on peacefulness and lush forests which cover over 70% of the country. The colourful landscapes of Bhutan are truly something to behold. Nestled between India and China, Bhutan is a hidden gem among the Himalayan foothills. Largely isolated until the 1970s, being in Bhutan is to step back in time to a world largely untouched by crowds and combustion engines, to a pocket of peace and verdant tranquillity where national happiness is valued more than financial wealth.  We first head to the charming capital city of Thimphu, with its lively markets and interesting Buddhist architecture. Seize the chance to take in the tranquil Buddhist lifestyle in Punakha where you will see the famous ‘Dzong,’ immaculate rows of rice terraces and blissful monks in scenic surroundings.  The Bhutanese take great pride in their culture, a fact which is made immediately obvious by the local people, the majority of whom wear traditional dress. With much time and care spent in preserving and protecting temples and monasteries, Bhutan offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spirit of Buddhism.  On this awe-inspiring tour you'll be amazed and rewarded every day by the most dazzling and colourful array of unexpected sights, heady aromas, and a true culture shock of astonishing contrasts.